“Justice will bring peace”

Michael Brown's mother

(NBC News) Ten days after Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson, Brown’s mother says there’s only one way to end the violence.

“Justice, justice will bring peace,” Lesley McSpadden said Tuesday during an interview on Today.

That justice, she says, is the arrest of the officer who killed her son. Her demand is echoed in the streets of Ferguson.

Police say the majority of protesters are peaceful and that a small group of agitators are inciting violence, many who have traveled in from out of state.

“Today my hope is peaceful protesters will stay home, protest during the daytime and stay home at night, and let us take those that have been ruining our community and take them and deal with them in a way that brings calm to this community,” says Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson.

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