Ferguson: Bracing for nightfall


(NBC News) After ten straight nights of violent unrest in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri the community and police are bracing for nightfall.

It is a situation that continues to spiral out of control.

On Monday night two civilians were shot, none by police, and more than 70 people were arrested.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, the man in charge of getting the situation under control, says police used great restraint.

“They didn’t return fire because these subjects were hiding behind bushes near homes, and our officers didn’t want to take the risk of not firing into a home or a stray bullet,” he said.

Police say the majority of protesters are peaceful and that a small group of agitators are inciting violence. Further heightening tensions Tuesday was another police involved shooting in neighboring St. Louis, just a few miles from Ferguson.

A man brandishing a knife approached two police officers saying “kill me now” according to police. Police were called because the suspect had allegedly stolen from a local store. Witnesses say he was walking erratically when police arrived.

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