Dryden is the 9th MA school to have test scores thrown out

The state said there were disparities in the scores

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The state has invalidated MCAS scores at the Dryden School in Springfield after an investigation uncovered that someone had tampered with the students’ answer booklets.

Tuesday night, 22News found out the Dryden School is the ninth school to have MCAS scores invalidated in the last ten years.

344 Dryden School students in Springfield no longer have valid MCAS scores on their records. The state Department of Education invalidated their MCAS scores from 2011, 2012 and 2013, but no students are accused of cheating.

State education officials could not comment on the specifics of the investigation at the Dryden School, but they told 22News in general, if an educator tampered with MCAS scores, the Education Commissioner can suspend or limit his or her license.

So 22News asked Superintendent Daniel Warwick and the teachers union president what they know about the investigation. He said, “All I know is what I already told you, that they found based on an erasure analysis. I have no evidence to suggest that the teachers did anything wrong.”

Springfield Education Association President Tim Collins told 22News, “I have heard nothing from the investigation, and in my conversations from the teachers, that woud lead me to believe that the teachers did anything inappropriate.”

Collins told 22News what the state calls “suspicious,” erase marks and better scores on multiple-choice questions, is a direct result of how students are taught to prepare for MCAS.

While the investigation is ongoing, students will not have to re-take any tests. Warwick said, “We have the current results for the students so there’s no negative impacts for students, and we are going to run an outstanding score at the Dryden School like we always did.”

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