4 kids treated for laundry detergent poisoning

Two of the four kids were sent to the intensive care unit

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A warning for parents. Take a moment to secure your cleaning supplies. Baystate Medical Center says they’ve been treating kids who ingested laundry detergent pods.

The government has issued warnings about them in the past and now there’s an uptick in poison cases here in western Massachusetts.

Baystate Medical Center doctors say over the last week and a half they’ve had four kids rushed to the emergency department after ingesting laundry detergent pods.

“A number of children come in after having ingested some detergent pods, or biting into them and breathing in the detergent into their lungs causing either burns in their mouth, their digestive, respiratory depression or even respiratory failure,” said Dr. Joeli Hettler of Baystate Medical Center.

Two of the four kids were sent to the intensive care unit. While there have been no deaths, doctors are asking you to take caution.

Doctors say it’s not just about kids getting into the bags themselves, they say parents will put one of these pods in their laundry basket on cleaning day making it even easier for kids to get.

Experts suggest keeping them secured in the package until it’s time to throw it in the washing machine and out of reach of kids who may mistake them for candy.

“I always make sure they don’t go anywhere near where any of that stuff is, I have locks on the kitchen cabinet so they can’t get in there,” said Middlefield Connecticut’s Ken Grano.

In May 2012 Proctor & Gamble announced it would change the packaging of its Tide pods to make them harder for kids to get into.

The products shown in this story were to give you an idea of what laundry pods look like. They were not necessarily to blame for the recent poisonings.

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