Social media inspiring dorm room style

Incoming students using sites like Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest to connect

(CNN) – The days of the paper checklist are over for college students, as social media, and even online registries, are stepping up the style in dorm rooms.

Kathryn Rodriguez and Courtney Simmons know the campus move-in drill.

“Bins are your absolute best friends. You want to keep them during the school year under your bed and you’ll be surprised at how much stuff that they can hold.”

But for these upperclassmen at George Mason University, the really fun part is turning the science into an art.

“I use Pinterest to get different ideas on like, new dorm styles and how to rearrange pictures.”

It’s not a surprising source of inspiration, since students use social media for just about everything else.

“The class is talking all summer over Twitter. They post and they ask questions, they get to know each other. Once we share who your roommate is they go and Facebook them.”

Dormify grew of that active social space. A shortage of stylish X-l sheets inspired mom and daughter Karen and Amanda Zuckerman to launch their e-commerce venture, where students share their small space savvy.

“They are girls around the country who provide content for us and who promote in some of their social media channels and really just are influencers and taste makers that promote our brand.”

The site features those most practical dorm items, with a softer side. They’ve even set up online gift registries.

“We wanted to give our customers the chance to choose what they want and have the friends and family something special that really gets them the dorm room they desire.”

Dorm registries are an idea that big box retailers like the container store and Target have embraced too, as students build their home away from home.

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