Living like Huck Finn

river raft

LA CROSSE, Wisc. (KTTC) Two art students from California are traveling down the Mississippi River this month in a one of a kind boat, while working on a project called Secret History of the American River People.Wes Modes and Kai Dalgleish are both masters art students at the University of California Santa Cruz, floating down the river in a vessel fit for Huckleberry Finn.

“We started in Minneapolis about three weeks ago, and we’re headed down stream,” said Dalgleish as she invited a passing stranger in for a tour.

The artists inside this shanty boat are aboard for more than adventure.

Wes Modes and his crew are creating an archive on water, collecting bits of river yesteryear along the way.

“I’m hoping that the archive that I create becomes a research resource for people who are either doing research about the river, or maybe river people,” said Modes.

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