Many waited for tax-free weekend to buy big appliances

Pre-order sales began right after lawmakers announced weekend.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Tax-free weekend is popular for people looking to buy big ticket items.

After their dryer started giving them trouble, the Smiths decided to wait close to 6 months for tax-free weekend to get a new one. They figured they’d save about $50, but that was $50 that could be spent on something else.

“We just figured why bother to pay the extra money when we needed it anyway? We just waited, we figured we can, it’s not November, we can do it now. I’m not hanging anything out in November,” said Mrs. Smith of Springfield.

Tax-free weekend is popular for big ticket items like dryers, washers, stoves and refrigerators. The only catch: They have to cost less than $2,500 to be exempt from the state’s 6.25 percent sales tax.

At Salemi Appliance in Springfield, pre-order sales this year were busier tan in years past. They began two weeks ago, right after state lawmakers announced when tax-free weekend would be. Workers spent Saturday running all those sales through.

“This is certainly the biggest weekend of the year, but you know, it does have a negative effect a couple of weeks building up to it because nobody’s really spending any money before, so this is the big weekend,” said owner Vincent Salemi.

Lawmakers determine which weekend will be tax-free, based on the economy at the time.
Not everyone held out for this weekend: their appliances just happened to die at the right time for them to save extra money!

“We had planned for the past two or three weeks to get a new dryer. Ours kind of went kaput on us and we just kind of lucked out that today’s the tax free holiday…No plans to do this, just a coincidence,” said Kevin Cote of Springfield.

Customers buying more than one appliance could surpass the $2,500 limit, but they couldn’t spend more than that on each individual item.

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