Stores and shoppers prepare for tax-free weekend

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Store owners hope to see more business than usual this weekend. To help those chances, some are offering sales of their own that are set specifically for the tax free weekend.

Many shoppers are waiting for the weekend to spend, in hopes of saving money by not paying the 6.25 percent sales tax.

Subrata Ray, a resident of Longmeadow, is one of many shoppers in western Massachusetts who’s looking forward to the tax free weekend. “I think it’s a good idea sure, to give people reason to buy, why not,” he said.

Store owners prepared for their profit ahead of time, like James Kennedy, the co-owner of Competitive Edge Ski and Bike in Holyoke. “We’re definitely running more ads than usual and there are a lot people who have been in and are looking to take advantage of the better pricing. We have a lot of stuff on hold currently, for the weekend,” he said.

Kennedy told 22News he has advertised on the Internet, in print, and even on the radio.

If you purchase a bike on tax free weekend that was normally $1,000, you’d save around $62. Many store owners also offer additional sales to attract shoppers.

Dave Kirk, a resident of Connecticut says the tax free holiday couldn’t come at a better time. “At this time of the year with kids going back to school I think it helps a lot of families,” he said.

Eighteen states now have sales tax-free holidays, but Massachusetts is the only state that doesn’t set a permanent date by statute.

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