Some residents are still not aware of the water restriction

Springfield, Ludlow, Aagwam, East Longmeadow, and Longmeadow are affected

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – In spite of the outdoor water use ban through the weekend, the Springfield College water cannon was used for at least several hours at the school’s baseball field on Friday.

22News notified the college they were in violation of the outdoor watering ban. College spokesman Steve Roulier replied, “Well we’d like to thank you Sy for letting us know, we were not aware, as far as I know right now. I certainly wasn’t aware of any report from the City. Certainly we will comply with any request of the city for water conservation, we’re looking into it.”

Water and Sewer Conservation spokeswoman Joyce Mulvaney told 22News, the cities blackboard connect system notified 57,000 homes and businesses who had signed up for the system; those not called she said apparently hadn’t signed up.

Charlotte Livingstone of Springfield told 22News, she’s complying with the ban, but she isn’t worried about not having to water her garden and lawn for the next two days. “Last night, day before we had rain, my garden only needs to be rained upon watered once every two or three days, so I’ve got plenty of water on my garden, I don’t need it.”

Most people said the 22News Storm Team forecast of possible rain Sunday morning will be enough to wet down their gardens and lawns for this weekend.

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