Small business optimism is on the rise

Poll: 53% small business owners posted/added jobs in last three months

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Amanda Douglas became a small business owner this summer. She opened Bare Skin Waxing Studio and Salon in West Springfield, and is feeling pretty optimistic.

“It was my first month last month and even completely by myself.. I was able to pay all my bills and cover everything with a little left over, makes me feel really good,” Douglas said.

And a lot of small business owners are feeling good, too. According to the National Federation of Independent Business, more than half of surveyed owners hired or posted jobs in the past three months. Amanda added two members to her team to provide spray tans and nail services, which she hadn’t expected to.

“I feel like even in this area we are on the upswing of things. There are two salons that just opened up down the street and a new auto body place that just opened up the road. In this area businesses are starting to open up and come around,” Douglas added.

Many small business owners who are gaining momentum in this economic recovery share something in common. They had to in a sense recreate their brand post recession and it has to do with social media.

“Businesses in the past were like, ‘Well, this is what we do.’ Now people are like, ‘I wish you did this as well and if you did I’d probably shop with you more,’” said business strategist Thom Fox.

Fox pointed out it’s more cost effective to keep a customer than to recruit a new one. That’s why businesses are trying to be more transparent and responsive to their customers’ calls, tweets, and tags. They’re reducing expenses and increasing productivity simply by listening to what the people want.

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