Pope Francis visits youth during his trip to South Korea

For the first time in 25 years, there is a Pope in South Korea

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (CNN) – Dubbed the rock star Pope due to his popularity, the catholic youth of Asia couldn’t agree more.

Breaking away from his prepared speech Friday, he delighted the young crowd. “Are you ready to say yes, are you ready?”

This is why Pope Francis came to South Korea, only about 10 percent of the population is catholic, but the church is growing fast, and across Asia, the congregation is young.

Surrounding himself with Asian youth, there was the inevitable selfie, which the pontiff didn’t seem to mind.

His transport from the airport, a KIA hatchback, it had to be South Korean. The next day, another KIA, modified into a Popemobile; though the open top and the wind proved a tricky combination.

He offered words of sympathy and hope for the parents of schoolchildren killed in South Korea’s recent ferry sinking, and for those who survived.

Pope Francis is making speeches in English on this trip for the first time; officials say he’s been practicing so he can reach more people.

He called for peace and reunification for the two Koreas. Korea’s quest for peace is a goal close to our hearts

North Korea test-fired three projectiles just before the Pope arrived here and two more a few hours later, but says it was not a message, simply a celebration of Korea’s Independence Day.

Catholics from the north said no to an invitation to hear the papal mass Monday because there is a U.S.-South Korean joint military drill starting the same day.

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