Dogs doused in acid sparks investigation

“They’re distraught. It’s heartbreaking. Their kids are devastated.”

Photo courtesy: KRQE

LOVINGTON, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s happened again. Another dog has been burned by acid in one New Mexico town. This time, police say someone doused two puppies, killing them.

“It’s the kind of injury that is literally eating the fur off the dog. It’s eating the skin away,” said Lovington Police Detective David Miranda

The latest victims are a pair of two-week-old pit-bulls. Detectives say someone went into their yard earlier this week, took the pups out of their kennel, poured chemicals all over their bodies and left them for dead.

“You can see the acid has been dropped on the back and it ran down causing the damage,” said Miranda. The two puppies had to euthanized Wednesday.

Sharla Elliot is friends with the people who owned them. “They’re distraught. It’s heartbreaking. Their kids are devastated,” said Elliot.

This isn’t the first family that’s had to go through this. In July two other dogs, Falafel and Stormy, were also burned in separate incidents.

“We are taking this very seriously,” said Miranda. “It’s not a random event at this point. It’s a series of events that we know of.”

That’s why the community is now pitching in to help try and catch whoever is behind the acid attacks. “People are calling me offering to put up their own rewards,” said Miranda.

So far, people in Lea County have raised a $1,000 reward. “There is definitely fear in the community,” said Elliot. “It’s not just happened once it’s happened four times.”

Lovington police say two of the three incidents happened in the middle of the day. They say they do have several persons of interest.

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