Could be days before water restriction is lifted

A water main break happened on Provin Mountain in Agawam

Repair work underway at the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission's Provin Mountain facility.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Only use what you need. Residents in Springfield, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow Agawam and Ludlow are being asked to limit water usage.

It’s all because of a water main break on Provin Mountain in Agawam.

According to Joyce Mulvaney of the Spfld. Water & Sewer Commission, “We’re asking folks to refrain from any outdoor watering activities which would be watering lawns, using irrigation systems, filling up their pools if they need to, etcetera. We’re really asking people to be contentious about their water use.”

The Springfield Water & Sewer Commission said they’re making repairs on a transmission main and in the surrounding area where damage was done. That transmission delivers water from the Provin Mountain Reservoirs to the City of Springfield and surrounding communities.

The Water and Sewer Commission also mentioned that while this work is going on, your tap water is safe to drink; however, you may notice a drop in the water pressure.

Agawam residents were surprised Friday morning to see what happened in their backyard. Scott Greene of Feeding Hills said, “It looks like a pretty massive break. I wouldn’t want to have been in my car or anything when it happened. Looks like it was pretty big.”

While others came up with a conservation plan. Brian Tassone of Feeding Hills said, “We came down and bought some extra water here today so that’s what we were doing so we’ll do our part.”

The mandatory water-use restriction is expected to last 72 hours. We also talked to farmers Friday who say they got so much rain on Wednesday, they’re not expecting this to impact their business.

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