Report: Yale University expelled 2 students for sexual assault

29 sexual assault complaints were reported during the first half of this year

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Ivy League Yale University is not immune to the reality of sexual assault on college campuses.

The latest semi-annual report shows two male undergraduates were expelled for sexually assaulting two female undergrads.

Juliet Strauss said, “I think that’s probably the right call. I think sexual assault is an extreme thing. I think that expulsion is the right move. It certainly sets the right tone on campus.”

Others have a different perspective.

Alexandra Torresquintero said, “If you’re caught plagiarizing, you’re put on probation for most of your time at Yale. It usually goes on your permanent record but for some of the sexual assaults, someone might get suspended and its not on a permanent record.” In all, there were 29 sexual assault complaints for the first six months this year, more than in previous reporting periods.

Link: FINAL_Jul2014_Report

Yale says, “It is impossible to conclude whether this number reflects changes in the prevalence or in the reporting of sexual assault.” Regardless, the school goes onto say, it “is encouraged individuals are bringing them to the University’s attention.”

Emily Silva said, “I think the school has taken a lot of initiative to develop new programs to inform everyone about the help they can get.”

Still, Torresquinto says, “Would you feel comfortable reporting it? Ideally I would but honestly I can see myself in a situation where I wouldn’t be.”

A spokesperson says, “Yale is the only institution– regularly releasing reports of this nature on a semi-annual basis since 2012, a reflection of Yale’s firm commitment to transparency and to eliminating sexual misconduct.”

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