Police: Suspects took money and jewelry from elderly woman

The two women promised her $25,000 in return

Pittsfield Scheme Suspects (Photo Courtesy: Pittsfield Police Department)

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Pittsfield Police are searching for two suspects who are accused of scheming an elderly woman out hundreds of dollars and jewelry.

According to the Pittsfield Police Facebook page, a 78-year-old victim reported to police that two women approached her and took $700 in cash and thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

The victim told police that she was approached by two women at the Price Chopper Supermarket around 12:00 p.m. on July 29th. They started the conversation by asking if she had “dropped something” and that they had found a bag of money.

Pittsfield Suspects Vehicle (Photo Courtesy: Pittsfield Police Department)
Pittsfield Suspects Vehicle (Photo Courtesy: Pittsfield Police Department)

Police said the two women allegedly wanted the victim to become a partner in a corporation and they were going to use the money they found in the bag; however they needed her to invest her own money as well.

The two woman promised the victim $25,000 and her initial investment back if she agreed. The victim told police she gave them $700 and jewelry worth thousands.

After making arraignments to meet again at a Wendy’s to finalize the deal, the victim told police that the two women did not show up and that’s when she called 911.

If anyone has had similar dealings with the suspects or recognizes them in the photos, you are asked to call the Pittsfield Police Department, either Ofc. Jessica Godfroy 448-9700 ext 378, of Ofc. Shaun C. Osborn at ext 400.

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