Mother duct tapes baby’s mouth as a joke

The photo of the baby with a pacifier duct-taped to her mouth went viral

COLUMBUS, OH, (WCMH) – It’s a shocking photo of a two month old baby girl with a pacifier duct taped to her mouth.

“It was just a prop photo, a photo just to be funny,” said the mother. “It was on maybe 10-15 seconds, long enough to take a picture.”

Long enough to cause an uproar on Facebook. “We would never go out of our way to harm these children ever, ever,” said the mother.

Commenter’s shared the photo saying child protective services should step in. By Friday they did and turned the investigation over to the Franklin County Sheriff’s office.

“Duct taping a child’s pacifier to their mouth, covering up their option to spit that pacifier out and give them their airway, so that if they spit up, it doesn’t go back down their airway, their lungs…this is crazy. It’s dangerous,” said Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott.

That wasn’t the only picture posted. There was another with the baby in a pot next to potatoes.

(Can you understand why people would be concerned and think that it’s something negative?) The mother responded, “I really can’t answer that because if you really look at the photo you can see that the duct tape was barely touching her face.”

Sheriff Scott says no criminal charges will be filed in this case, but detectives will hand over their findings to the county prosecutor’s office.

The mother said, “My babies, they’re perfect. I don’t abuse them. I don’t even whoop my children. I wound never do any thing to try to suffocate her, TT was just a prop photo it was supposed to be funny and social media, Facebook blew it out of proportion.”

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