High-Tech Helmets

High-Tech Helmets

GREENBACK, Tenn. (WBIR) A Tennessee football team is using technology to help protect its players.

The Greenback Cherokees recently tested new high-tech helmets during a scrimmage game against Polk County High School.

Inside six Greenback players’ helmets, there are Riddell helmet sensors called “InSite.” When a player gets hit, the sensors track any significant blows to the head. The sensors are linked to a handheld monitor that then records which player was involved, where the player was hit on the head, and the speed of collision.

“When there’s a significant impact to the helmet, it will vibrate and there will be an audible sound,” said Jason Hicks, head football coach at Greenback. “The trainer at that point will be able to get the kid out and evaluate him.”

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