Hatfield drying out after more than 5″ of rain

Little evidence remains of Wednesday's deluge

The swollen Mill River in Hatfield

HATFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – From looking at the town center in Hatfield early Thursday afternoon, you could not tell that less than 24 hours before, more than five inches of rain fell here. The Hampshire County town of 3,200 residents received 5.46” of rain. That is more than in any other community in western Massachusetts received.

The only sign that remains of the flooding is the swollen Mill River, running through town. But people Hatfield vividly recall the heavy downpours, and Doug Smith did his best to forget the daylong storm.

“The water built up. The water-sewer line was bubbling up about midway between the road and the house, was about 300 feet, there was a break in the pipe, cap came off. It was bubbling like a fountain,” Smith said.

Some residents told 22News that though they received so much rain in such a short amount of time, they are happy the town is largely flat; preventing flooding due to runoff from mountains and hills.

“The town’s flat, there’s no hills, very minimal, and it’s wonderful when it rains; the farmers have it for the water,” Linda Fitz of Hatfield said.

At the Hatfield Senior Center, people are mostly upbeat about the five and a half inches of rain that fell Wednesday.

“It was interesting, as long as the tree branches didn’t fall, I was okay,” Grace Thomson of Hatfield said.

And they reminded us that although we all got drenched, there was no thunder and lightning. Only the Mill River provided tangible evidence that the town got quite a soaking, along with most everyone else in western Massachusetts.

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