Drivers know to avoid flooding trouble spots

The East Mountain Road underpass in Westfield.

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – During Wednesday’s torrential downpour, western Massachusetts drivers dreaded being caught in familiar flash flooding underpasses.

Thursday, the East Mountain Road underpass near Route 20 in Westfield, and Old Westfield Road in West Springfield didn’t have any problems, but the four inches of rain that fell the day before caused hazardous conditions there.

Drivers told 22News that there is a way of avoiding the problem.

“Basically what you do: avoid the areas that you know that flood. Common sense just tells you that if it’s going to get that much rain that quick, you’ll have flash flooding. So, you stay away from those areas,” Daril Pacinella of Westfield said.

“I got smart: I found the places, and kept away from them,” Dan Sosnick of Westfield said.

Many Holyoke drivers have learned to avoid the three canal underpasses during the heavy rain. Wednesday, the Department of Public Works kept traffic away from those underpasses, to prevent drivers from becoming trapped in the flooded streets.

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