UConn banning 3 Greek organizations

STORRS, Conn. (CNN, WFSB) – Three Greek organizations are now banned from the University of Connecticut.

The school revoked the groups’ chapter registration and on-campus housing after a string of behavioral violations.

Summit Singhaviranon avoids fraternities as-is, “It’s just really crowded it’s not really my scene, it’s just too many people.”

If only crowds were the sole issue. Monday, UConn banned two fraternities and a sorority for alleged hazing.

A school investigation found that at a February 28th party male students were forced into bobbing for alcohol nips in a toilet, being paddled, eating cat food, being covered with syrup and then flour, and forced partial or full nudity.

Then at a march 7th party a sorority was allegedly involved with forcing men to consume alcohol, to eat dog treats, to paint their bodies, to wear women’s underwear and to take shots of alcohol off each other’s bodies.”

Singhaviranon was aware of the hazing history at certain UConn fraternities, but is floored by the latest allegations, “I just don’t get why someone would go through that.”

UConn temporarily suspended the groups in spring, now, Delta Gamma, Delta Zeta and Sigma Chi are banned.

“I was always looking up to them thinking about joining one of them but after hearing all of that it’s like no is that what they do,” said Diana Orellna.

The fraternities and sorority have until Friday to appeal UConn’s decision.

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