Plan revealed to restore a Springfield neighborhood

Worthington Street was damaged by the 2012 gas explosion

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Lower Worthington Street still looks much as it did in the fall of 2012 when the gas explosion left the neigh hood in shambles.

Mayor Dominic Sarno unveiled a plan to create a Worthington Street District, a plan Columbia Gas company paid for as part of its settlement with the City.

The neighborhood would be restored through a combination of public improvements, business developments and a hoped for an influx of people living in the area.

Tyre Trak Automotive Center survived the gas explosion. Tim Andre, the owner, told 22News only good can come from the Worthington Street plan. “We calculate we lost as many as 60 customers and these are customers that used to be here and no longer have a place to work in this area. When employment goes away as well, and the entire retail establishment in this part of the city needs more population here.”

Jennifer Herbert still lives near where the gas explosion occurred. She told 22News there’s much in the Worthington Street District plan that appeals to her. “That would actually be perfect because outside right now it looks horrible. The weeds are growing up; the old carando building across the street looks awful.”

The Worthington Street District might one day have this appearance according to the consultants report. Mayor promised to work with potential developers. The long range goal is to tie in the Worthington Street District with the hoped for restoration of nearby Union Station.

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