Lauren Bacall, 1924-2014

Lauren Bacall

(NBC News) Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall has died. She was 89 years old. Bacall delivered one of the most memorable movie lines ever in 1944’s “To Have And Have Not”:

“You know how to whistle, now don’t you Steve. You just put your lips together and blow.”

Just 19 years old, it was her first film opposite Humphrey Bogart, a movie icon who a year later would become her husband. Bacall would refer to Bogart as “my great love” for the rest of her life.

“I was so lucky to have had him, to have had that life and that romance. everything that happened to me at once at the age of 19,” she once said.

Their marriage led to three more movie collaborations before his death in 1957, each one showcasing Bacall’s smoky voice and sultry looks. Bacall’s meteoric rise to Hollywood stardom led to more than 30 films in a career spanning more than 60 years.

On film, her 1996 performance in “The Mirror Has Two Faces” earned a Golden Globe award and the first and only Academy Award nomination of Bacall’s career, Best Supporting Actress.

An honorary Academy Award came her way in 2009.

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