Gov. signs $2 billion environmental bond bill

BOSTON (WWLP) – Governor Patrick signed a spending plan into law Wednesday to preserve and improve land, parks and clean energy in Massachusetts.

“I am proud to sign the environmental bond bill which enables us to continue to make investments in our collective future,” said the Governor during the bill signing.

The investments total $1.9 billiom and will be spent over the next four years. Western Massachusetts will feel the impacts with a $10 million investment to cleanup the Connecticut River and prevent sewage overflow.

Other appropriations include:

  • $75.5 million for the Department of Environmental Protection for investment in water and air quality protection;
  • $20 million for the design, construction, reconstruction, repair or removal of state-owned dams;
  • $51.1 million for the purpose of a forestry and tree planting program;
  • $3 million for oil or hazardous waste assessment, containment, cleanup, control, removal or response;
  • $255.4 million for the Department of Conservation and Recreation for projects in the state’s forests, parks, harbor islands, and other recreational facilities.

Funding comes from a bond, money borrowed, to pay for major environmental projects statewide.

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