Beware of fallen power lines

If a power line falls across your car, stay inside

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Although the rain is over now, the damage could still be lingering. Strong storms can knock down power lines that may still be energized and dangerous.

If that happens when you’re on the road, experts say to stay in your car, don’t drive over the wire, and call 911 immediately.

22News learned what other steps will keep you safe if a power line falls down. “Stay away, keep the children away, keep the pets away. And also if you have limbs that are down or a lot of debris that’s around before you start clearing them out make sure there are no downed power lines that have somehow gotten entangled in that debris,” said WMECo Spokeswoman Priscilla Ress.

If a power line falls across your car, stay inside. You should also stay at least ten feet away from downed or sagging power lines along with anything their in contact with.

Click Here for more information on how to deal with downed power lines.

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