Mom drunk while child died in hot car

Child was left in the hot car for about 10 hours

EL PASO, TX (CNN,KFOX) – Police say a Texas woman whose toddler died in a hot car in July was drunk. The video above was the scene last month when 2-year-old Hailey Harper died after being left in a car for 10 hours.

Her mother, Daisy Harper, currently faces charges of injury to a child by omission and criminally negligent homicide.

This arrest affidavit gives new insight into the night Hailey died.  According to a statement Harper gave investigators, she picked up her children from her mother’s home at two in the morning after a night of drinking with family members.

Her brother volunteered to take Harper and the children home after Harper and her mother got into argument over Harper’s intoxicated state.

Investigators say Harper arrived home at 2:45 in the morning.  Her brother took her son inside and put him to bed.  They say Harper was on the phone and texting with her husband who was out of town before she fell asleep.

Harper allegedly told investigators she quote “did not even think to look” to make sure her children were in bed, while her daughter was still strapped into the car seat in the vehicle parked in the driveway.

It goes on to say around 8 in the morning Harper sent text messages to her husband while the toddler was dying in the car.  It wasn’t until noon when Harper’s brother woke her up and discovered the child was not in bed.

Then quote, “the defendant discovered the child in the parked car still fastened to her child safety seat without any signs of life.”

Emergency crews took the child to sierra providence east where she was pronounced dead.  An autopsy later revealed she died of environmental heat exposure; the manner of death is still pending.

Daisy Harper is facing injury to a child and criminal negligent homicide charges, her bond is set at 400,000 dollars.

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