Mass. State Police take the ALS ice bucket challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Courtesy: YouTube)

(MAStatePolice) – Massachusetts State Police Colonel Timothy P. Alben and his Command Staff have taken the ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’ and are challenging the New England State Police Colonel’s and Louisiana State Police Colonel to do the same with their staff:

Receiving the water in order of pour, are:

  1. Trooper Dustin G. Fitch
  2. Major Richard McKeon
  3. Major David Otte
  4. Major Thomas Grenham
  5. Lieutenant Colonel Sharon Costine
  6. Lieutenant Colonel James Hanafin
  7. Colonel Timothy P. Alben.

Follow along the challenges by following our social media on Twitter: State Police (@MassStatePolice), Colonel Alben (@TimAlben), Trooper Dustin Fitch (@DustinGFitch).

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