Biggest concerns for potential flooding

Drains can't handle a lot of water all at once

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – A Flash Flood Watch will be in effect for all of western Massachusetts from Tuesday night through Wednesday.

Rivers should be able to handle the heavy rain, but if it comes too quickly, our roads might not be able to. When the downpours hit our streets, sometimes the drains can’t handle all of that water coming at once. This is what Homestead Avenue in Holyoke looked like last week after a quick, but heavy downpour.

Flash flooding concerns for Wednesday mainly apply to the potential for rapidly flooding streets. If you drive through the flooding, even a few inches deep, you risk your car and your life.

Ed Malikowski of Mal Bros. Auto Body in Chicopee said, “As you’re going through these puddles you’re drawing air into the air intake. on some of these cars the air intake could be even very low so you could be into six to eight inches of water or going through a puddle and be able to draw the water in.”

When water gets in your engine, your car can stall and your engine is potentially ruined. Other than an expensive fix, driving in a flooded street can also lead to death if the water comes up quickly.

As we always say, turn around, don’t drown if you come across a flooded street.

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