Sorting out recent Facebook changes

(CNN) – From messaging to gaming, there have been a few changes to Facebook lately, and lots of rumors about what they all mean for privacy.

It’s been in the works for months, but Facebook recently started asking mobile users to download a separate messenger app in order to access Facebook messages. Many users have balked at downloading the second app, and privacy has been a concern of users faced with a long list of app permissions. Facebook says users can revoke certain permissions, like syncing a phone’s contacts, if they choose. So take a moment to go through your settings carefully.

Facebook has also rolled out new rules for game developers, to help crack down on unintentional in-app purchases. If a game has any mandatory and optional purchases attached to it, Facebook will now require that be noted in a game’s description. And in an effort to curb what’s called “like farming,” games will not be able to give in-game bonuses in exchange for a player’s thumbs up.

Finally, Facebook users hoping to add some colorful personality to their pages may think they’re in luck with an app that promises to change their profile from the standard blue and white. In reality, it’s a scam.

These scams pop up every once in awhile, and Cheetah Mobile Security says the latest has duped more than 10,000 Facebook users into watching a video that’s purports to teach them how to change the color, but really downloads malware on to their a mobile device or computer.

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