Police warn drivers to avoid road rage situations

Aug. 15th-18th top 10 travel weekends.

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP)- State police are warning drivers of an increase in the incidence of road rage.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation says that not only is road rage becoming more commonplace, but incidents are also becoming more violent. Now, they are specifically warning drivers to keep their temper under control as many more summer travelers are hitting the road.

MassDOT says this coming weekend, the 15th through the 18th, is typically one of the top 10 travel weekends; making congestion levels out on the roads higher than normal.

22News is working for you with a few tips from State Police to keep you safe during those heated situations:

  • First and foremost, distance yourself from the angry driver, or from the driver upsetting you.
  • Avoid following other cars too closely
  • Make safe lane changes
  • Use your blinkers
  • Follow the speed limit

Police also say that if the situation gets heated and you feel yourself or other drivers on the road are in immediate danger, pull over and call 911.  Never take matters into your own hands.

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