More than 3 years since we last hit 100º

Consistent warmth has made up for our lack of intense heat.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Monday was another beautiful day around western Massachusetts. Our temperatures were not too hot, humidity wasn’t too sticky. Nothing like the heat waves we’ve had in previous summers.

“I’m also a public health person. It’s great for older people who don’t’ necessarily have air conditioners. Those hot days are really hard on people’s health,” said Theresa Glenn from Springfield.

While we’ve only hit 90 degrees four times this summer, we haven’t hit 100 degrees in years. It’s been more than three years since we’ve hit the 100 degree mark in Chicopee at the Westover Air Reserve Base. It was back on July 22nd in 2011 that we hit 101 degrees.

Since then, the warmest we’ve seen each summer was 98 degrees in 2012 and 97 degrees in 2013. The warmest we’ve been this year was only 92 degrees on July 2nd.

“I’ve loved it. I hate the heat so this is perfect. I love this kind of weather, 80 degree weather,” said Mackenzie Porter from Wilbraham.

Despite the lack of excessive heat, this summer has still been warmer than normal. Comparing the high temperatures of June, July and the first part of August:

  • June was almost 2 degrees warmer than normal
  • July was slightly above normal
  • August so far has been almost exactly normal

While the next few days look to be a bit cool, signs are pointing to a warmer end to the month. Monday’s highs in the upper 80s won’t last.

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