Gov. Patrick faces deadline to address bills

State lawmakers are confident he will sign a majority of the bills.

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Governor’s desk is pretty full this week – he has nearly 30 bills before him and until Thursday to decide if he wants to sign them into law.

That means time is running out for Governor Patrick to pass some controversial bills. Among them – legislation creating tougher penalties for cases of domestic violence and giving victims time off from work to recover.

The economic development bill is also on the to-do list this week, which aims at boosting job training in western Massachusetts.

The Governor plans to sign a bill Wednesday allowing police chiefs to petition the courts to deny firearm ID’s for shotguns and rifles. The legislation came to be after the tragic Newtown shooting, but one state lawmaker argues it doesn’t do enough for school safety.

Rep. Todd Smola, (R) Warren, told 22News, “We wanted to push the safe school initiative. We talked about resource officers in our schools, but we didn’t send any funding mechanisms along with it, and that is a real big concern for me.”

Governor Patrick can veto any bill he chooses, but state lawmakers are confident he will sign a majority of the legislation left on his desk.

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