Riverfront protest stands against violence, street crime

The protest attracted activists from all over the city

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Another protest today against street crime and gang violence showed how strongly people feel about ridding the city of lawlessness.

Families filled Riverfront Park today for their “Pledge for Peace Awareness Festival”. A youth organization called “Strong Young Minds Youth Development” brought neighbors together in the park.

The signs reflected their commitment. The Strong Young Minds Group attracted activists from all over the city who demand an end to street violence.

Jennifer Diaz told 22News, “I think it’s important that all of us that have movements going, and stay on the same page united. The more of us that join forces, the better chance we’re going to fix things in Springfield.”

Ivan Rosario of Springfield heard about the peace pledge through the grapevine. Rosario told 22News the message has invigorated him, and he’s glad he attended.

“It feels very good because a lot of times when you hear the news, people have a perception of Springfield’s violent activity, and it’s important we come out and take control of our neighborhoods.”

Previous protest demonstrations in recent weeks have been confined to the high crime neighborhoods. This was the first at the park close to city hall and the downtown district.

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