The workplace training that could save lives

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – For years we’ve shown you training at schools designed to handle an active shooter situation, but now some businesses are also getting involved.

About three years ago, Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley started training its 1200 employees on what to do in the event an active shooter enters a store or office. Since then it’s presented its methods to other Goodwill’s around the country.

“These events occur and the more we can get the word out there are options you have to counter these events the better we are going to be in this country,” says Frank McGuire with Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley.

McGuire says Goodwill not only trains any new hire, but also goes around to its more than 50 sites and checks on how employees would respond. “We ask them, ‘If you heard shots on the loading dock, what would you do?’” McGuire says.

So has it made a difference? McGuire thinks it has. Goodwill teaches what’s known as the ALICE method. It stands for Alert.. Lockdown.. Inform.. Counter.. and Evacuate.

It advises people to get away from a shooter if they can but if not to fight back. That’s something McGuire says you should know if you ever find yourself in an active shooter situation.

“The thing they can do that’s most significant to them is throw anything they have, if it’s their cell phone or purse or shoes or skateboard, whatever is in the individual’s possession to throw at the intruder,” McGuire says. “Throw at the individual’s head. Disrupt them.”

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