School bodies identified

Dozier School

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) Researchers from the University of South Florida have positively identified remains of a teenager found at the Dozier School for Boys.

Owen Smith was 14-years old in 1940 when the school told his family that he ran away and was found dead under a house. The grave they were shown was unmarked, and his death was never registered.

Smith’s remains were found in a hastily-buried grave, USF says, was positively identified by DNA match from his sister, Ovell Krell.

“I was totally dumbstruck,” Krell said after learning her brother’s remains had been identified after waiting for over 73 years to find him.

Researchers from the USF have been working to identify remains found at the schoolwhere former students and families have made allegations of abuse over the years.

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