Mixed reaction to U.S. airstrikes in Iraq

Two F-A18 fighter jets dropped bombs on ISIS artillery in Iraq

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Nearly three years after U.S. combat forces were pulled out of Iraq, the U.S. military is back in action there. On Friday, two F-A18 fighter jets dropped 500 pound bombs on ISIS artillery in Iraq.

Azikiwe Chandler of Holyoke told 22News, “I think we should be out of there. We shouldn’t have been in there again in the first place. It’s going to be this quagmire. Do we have to keep going back as a result of it?”

Islamic militants were using the artillery to attack Kurdish fighters protecting the City of Irbil. Obama said he authorized the airstrikes to protect Iraqi civilians and Americans at a nearby consulate. “When the lives of American citizens are at risk….we will take action. That’s my job as Commander in Chief,” said the President.

Many residents in western Massachusetts say they agree with the President’s decision.

Antoinette Mancini of West Springfield said, “I trust the decision of the President to save and protect Americans and the people of Iraq. That what it was all about and that’s what it is all about.”

“We do have Americans there and we do need to do something about it. But I think we can do it in a safe way. I think he needs to look at that,” said Mary Laveck of Holyoke

No word yet on how many ISIS militants may have been killed in the airstrike. U.S. planes have already dropped food and water to tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians stranded on a mountain, surrounded by militants.

The President says he has no plans to put combat troops on the ground in Iraq.

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