Many are “just getting by” financially

27,000 people are currently unemployed in western Massachusetts

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – More than 27,000 people are unemployed in western Massachusetts, and because of that, many people say they’re barely making enough to survive. Although it’s been five years since the Great Recession ended, people still haven’t fully recovered.

“I mean, financially right now, I’m just getting enough to get by,” Trista Lozada of Springfield told 22News.

And many echoed a similar struggle.

The Federal Reserve surveyed more than 4,000 households and found that a quarter of those who participated felt like they were just “getting by” week-to-week. 13% said they were struggling to survive, while 34% believe they are doing much worse now than before the economic downturn.

A couple of reasons why people may not feel better off are because millions are working part-time when they really want to be working full-time. That, or it’s hard finding any job at all.

Gabby Rovelli from Springfield told 22News, “Not a lot of people can get jobs around here at all so all the jobs are either taken or there’s just not enough space or room for anybody.”

Households across the nation are also still struggling with mortgage debt and student loans, and people are less willing to spend the little extra money in their pocket.

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