Greenfield food drive to end hunger

Many recipients rely on free meals to survive

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Franklin County’s biggest food drive of the year ended Friday night at the Greenfield town common. 22News found out just how critical Franklin County’s hunger problem has become.

The Franklin County Hunger Task Force spent Friday collecting thousands of pounds of food donations from supermarkets, businesses and good-hearted citizens.

greenfield food driveThe food goes to agencies that help Franklin county families in need, a number that continues to grow. Dino Schnelle of the Hunger Task Force told 22News, “That happens every day. I have someone walk in, they’re so embarrassed to be there, always been self-sufficient, they’ve always been able to care for their family and provide a home, provide food.”

The Salvation Army provides lunch for some of those people. Terry Gurley of Greenfield told 22News she can’t afford both food and rent on the salary from her part time job, “because there are hardly any positions open and I pay my full rent and I have a vehicle and there’s no money by the time I get paid to eat.”

Randie Handelman and Carol Ball of Greenfield donated food because they sympathize with those in need. “Devastating, It should never happen in this country, anybody who has anything should be sharing,” said Randie. Carol said, “The country needs to support people who have no means to feed themselves, their children.”

By the end of the day, the Hunger Task Force hopes to have more than three thousand pounds of donated food.

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