Fake WMECo workers are knocking on people’s doors

WMECo: Look for that ID, ask for that ID

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts Electric Company workers always drive a car, clearly marked with the company’s official logo and wear a badge.

However, 22News has received calls from viewers, and WMECo has issued a warning about thieves pretending to be WMECo workers, going around, knocking on doors, asking to see people’s electric bills.

WMECo spokeswoman Priscilla Ress told 22News WMECo will never go door to door and ask to verify your account number and your address. She said you should always ask for an official WMECo ID.

You can also call WMECo before giving up any information to double check if the company has scheduled any appointments. “Look for that ID, ask for that ID, and you know we are not asking you to put yourself in harm’s way. Walk away from them. Call us. Call the police,” said Ress.

By showing someone your bill, Ress said you give them an opportunity to target you later with a more elaborate scheme. “You can’t give your personal information. We are WMECo. We don’t need your personal information. We already got it and we keep it secure. And we are asking our customers to do the same thing.”

You can report any suspicious activities in your neighborhood to 877-OK-WMECO or your local police.

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