Community shaken up by an Israeli flag burning

The incident is being considered an act of vandalism

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Members of Northampton’s Jewish community are shaken by this incident.

The police don’t know who burned the Israeli flag outside Congregation B’nai Israel on Prospect Street Wednesday, or why, but the Executive Director told 22News, that while members of the congregation are disturbed by this seeming act of hate, they’re encouraged by the response from the community.

Ben Cuperman, the Director at Congregation B’nai Israel, said, “The next the day, the minute it went in the media, one of our members just drove here with a new flag and he put it up himself. So we took down the burned flag, and there’s a new flag flying right now.”

The police are adding more patrols around the temple. Since they can’t prove any motive, the incident is being investigated as vandalism, not as a hate crime.

Cuperman said nothing like this has ever happened here before, and it’s something he hopes the congregation never sees again.

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