Are parents the biggest distraction for teen drivers?

Teens say parents get angry if the don’t answer the phone

NEW YORK (NBC NEWS/WWLP) – Talking or texting while driving is the leading cause of fatal car accidents among teens. Now a new study reveals parents may be part of the problem.

More than half of 400 teens surveyed said they had talked on cell phones with their mom or dad while driving. Many teens said their parents get angry when they don’t answer the phone, even if they are behind the wheel.

The young drivers also said their own parents use cell phones while driving. Researchers say parents need to set an example for their adolescents, and come up with a system of communication that does not put them in danger.

“Parents shouldn’t call them if they know they’re driving.  Anything can happen. A little distraction for a young driver can be a bad thing,” said Bob Orlandi of Agawam.

Many cell phones have a ‘drive mode’ or offer apps that inform callers that the person they’re trying to contact is driving.

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