12yr-old dies after routine doctor’s visit

Medical examiners will look at the girl's brain for clues to her death

NEW YORK (CNN) – A 12-year-old girl died Thursday just hours after a routine doctor’s appointment. Her family is determined to find out what killed their healthy child.

“She was our sunshine, our life. She made everyone happy,” said Rebecca Prohaska, the mother of the girl.

Meredith had a zest for life. It shows in her pictures. She was active and healthy so, what caused the 12-year-old’s life to be cut tragically short? It’s a question her parents want answered.

“It’s like this empty hole in my life. It’s not going anywhere. And I don’t know how to fill it. I need her I need to hug her,” said the mother.

“I’m at a loss for words. I’m having a really difficult time coping with this,“ said the father.

A few hours before she died, Meredith was complaining of a sore throat. Her mom took her to the doctor, who confirmed she had a cold. While there, the 12-year-old also got the first round of the HPV vaccine. Afterwards, Meredith was tired and wanted to sleep. Her mom went to get her a carry-out. However, when she returned, something was terribly wrong.

“When I got home, she had just thrown up, and was non-responsive on my living room floor. I performed CPR and she was taken to Waukesha Memorial where she died,“ said the parents.

The family has agreed to let the medical examiner look at Meredith’s brain which could offer clues to her death.

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