Tips to prevent car break-ins

Tips to prevent car break-ins

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- It may seem obvious, but many people aren’t locking their cars, and thieves are taking full advantage.

There have been more than a dozen break-ins in Springfield and Longmeadow within the past two months.

The Springfield Police Department reported three car break-ins on Wednesday on Dutchess Street, Cabinet Street and Pineview Drive.

Longmeadow Police Sgt. Robert Stocks said six people reported their cars being broken into on July 31st.   Then on August 4th and 5th, fifteen car break-ins were reported.  Most of those reports came from the areas of Converse Street, Redfern Drive, and Frank Smith Road.
In most of the cases cars are being broken into during the early morning hours while parked in a driveway and they are commonly unlocked.

Police are asking residents to be mindful and take the simple precaution of locking up their car doors.

Accrording to AAA Pioneer Valley parking in well lit areas can help deter criminals, and remember most of the time thieves are looking for quick cash and electronics.  Just hiding those valuables doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

Iphones, Ipads, tablets, any type of electronic device or indication that there might be one in a car, such as a charger, can give a thief reasoning to search your car.

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