Shocking survival

Out of 3 people involved, one died immediately after being struck

Some are calling 14-year-old Zac Latawiec’s recovery from a lightning strike nothing short of miraculous.

Latawiec was critically injured when a lightning bolt hit Fort Myers Beach and injured his girlfriend 16-year-old Chelsea Gill. Chelsea recovered, and a third person with them on the beach, 41-year-old Scott Wilcox, died at the scene.

Now, Latawiec is walking and talking. He was greeted with applause and cheers by people who where there to support teenager – who has come so far.

“It was hard for me to walk for a while. But, then I just got up and started walking,” said Latawiec.

Latawiec’s mom, Danita Lovins, calls it a miracle. Just 15 days ago, she was told her son was in critical condition and likely had permanent brain damage. On Wednesday, she walked down the hall with him.

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