Password do’s and don’t’s

Avoid passwords like "123456," "password" and "12345678"

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Believe it or not, “123456,” “password” and “12345678” top the list of last year’s 25 most common passwords, but those also top the list of passwords that cyber security experts want you to avoid.

More than one billion passwords and usernames allegedly stolen. “Really upset about it because people need their privacy. They don’t need anyone invading their privacy, and that’s really invading someone’s privacy,” Joanne Smith of Chicopee said.

Another hack attack has many people re-thinking their passwords. Experts recommend avoiding words that are in dictionaries. And you should not use your pets’ names, relatives’ names, your company name and any information that can easily be found online.

There’s no doubt, the list of items you should avoid is long. So 22News found out what you can, and should do, to create a strong passwords.

“My wife used use one. Her favorite song was that, ‘We are off to see the wizard,’ so she would take that phrase and use the first letter from each word in the phrase to create her password. Easy for her to remember, hard for people to guess, and it wasn’t an actual word,” James Ruell, the owner of Network & IT Solutions in Westfield said.

You can also add numbers in the middle of a word; for example, “pa12sswo34rd,” instead of “password1234.” Some website offer two-step verification features. If you log on using a new device, you have to enter a code texted or e-mailed to you.

Experts also recommend using different passwords for different websites. Some secure apps can manage all of those different passwords.

For more information on how to protect your password, Click Here.

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