Locals are not happy with state or national politics

1/3 of polls want to see Republican control; another 1/3 wants to see Democratic control

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 94% of Americans believe the nation is heading in the wrong direction. A new Associated Press poll shows that 60% of Americans who participated disapprove of President Obama, and it doesn’t stop there. Nearly 90% of Americans believe Congress is also slacking on the job, too.

“The public’s also getting very frustrated with Congress as well,” Tim Vercellotti of Western New England University told 22News. “They sense that there’s gridlock and not a lot getting done in Washington.”

It doesn’t get better when it comes down to state-level politicians either.

Bruce Underwood of Longmeadow told 22News, “I think they should blow up Beacon Hill. We should start all over again and get rid of all the politicians. None of them. Don’t trust any of them. Don’t think any of them are doing their job.”

Some believe the lack of action boils down to the state’s one-party rule. An overwhelming majority of state lawmakers in Massachusetts are Democrats. Some people in West Springfield said they’d like to see more Republicans take office and offer more variety.

“Absolutely! That’s what America’s all about, really,” said Scott Rutherford from Greenfield.

The polls are split evenly when it comes to Congress. One-third wants to see Republicans gain control, the other wants to see Democratic control. The final third said it doesn’t really matter either way. Whether you’re leaning left or right, Election Day is set for November 4th.

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