Greenfield residents concerned about elevator closure

Greenfield Council: Not having an elevator will be like holding the residents hostage

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Franklin County town of Greenfield has many of its residents worried about the future of the community’s apartment complex for the elderly and disabled.

Residents of the Weldon House are concerned about plans to shut down the single elevator in the 4-story apartment building for 6 to 8 weeks beginning on August 18th.

Hope Macary, the director of the Greenfield Council on Aging, told 22News that she is deeply concerned about the residents in wheelchairs and walkers, who need the elevator, getting around their apartments during this time. She indicated that not having a working elevator would be like holding them hostage where they cannot leave on their free will.

There will be a public hearing on Monday, August 11th at 6:00 p.m. in Greenfield’s town hall. The meeting has been called by Greenfield’s Human Rights Commission to look into this matter.

A spokesman for the owner of the property said that the elevator will be modernized, and there are plans to help those residents who need elevator access. Many residents who live in the complex are in their 90s. The property owner will come from Boston to be at Monday’s meeting, where many people are hoping that answers will come out.

Caretakers at the Weldon House say that they are not worried about handling any potential emergencies; rather, they are worried about carrying out the daily activities of residents.

22News will follow this story every step of the way and will continue to bring you the latest updates.

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