Springfield native, Hartford cop arrested

Denied Springfield police applicant, arrested as a Hartford cop

HARTFORD, Conn. (WWLP) –  Hartford police officer Luis Feliciano was arrested and charged with larceny and possession of a shoplifting device on Tuesday.

Felicano applied to become a Springfield police officer in 2009 and scored a 98 on his civil service exam, but was not given a job in the department. Feliciano challenged this decision with the Civil Service Commission, but the Commission sided with the police department. Feliciano became a Hartford police officer in 2012.

In 2006, Springfield police arrested Feliciano, a Springfield native and Putnam graduate, for murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Police believed he was involved in a fight in the city’s Entertainment District that led to the stabbing death of Adrian Gonzalez of East Hartford, Connecticut. Feliciano was never prosecuted, as it turned out to be a case of false identification and Jose Rivera was eventually convicted of inflicting the fatal injury to Gonzalez.

In late July of this year, the 34 year-old Feliciano was accused of stealing from a Wal-Mart. On Tuesday, the Hartford Police Department suspended Feliciano without pay pending the investigation.

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