Springfield businesses prepare for Hall of Fame Enshrinement

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are scheduled to attend

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The 2014 Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony will draw Hall of Famers and basketball fans from all over the country to Springfield.

JT’s Pub Owner Keith Makarowski said, “I see people line up at the hotels. I see people line up on the streets just to get a glimpse of their favorite star.”

An exciting two days for the City and downtown business owners who hope to benefit from the increased foot traffic.

Nadim Kashuh, the owner of Nadim’s Mediterranean Grill, said, “With events like this, we normally see a 30-40% increase, but it doesn’t matter. We are ready. We over-staff, and we over-buy just to make sure we’re ready for all the guests coming to the springfield area.”

Ten names will be enshrined. Of those: Former NBA Commissioner of 30 years, David Stern. NBA All-Stars, Alonzo Mourning and Mitch Richmond, and NCAA National Champion coaches Gary Williams and Nolan Richardson.

The Class of 2014 includes some notable names, but they aren’t the only ones making headlines this week. NBA Legends Larry Bird and Magic Johnson will be presenters this year at Friday’s ceremony.

Fans hope they’ll be able to shake a hand or even get an autograph. Alonzo Bonas of Springfield said, “That’s one of the few collector’s jerseys that I do have, is Larry Bird’s, so I’ll take it out of its case, get it ready, have the magic marker and I’ll be out here bright and early Friday.”

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