Is your information safe from hackers?

1.2 billion computers were hacked by a Russian group

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – This breach was so big that cyber experts recommend everyone assume your account was hacked, and it’s a good idea to re-secure your information.

1.2 billion usernames, passwords, and emails in the United States were hacked and stolen. “When the hacker gets a hold of the database and user email, it’s pretty much game over.

That’s what happened to millions of Americans on Tuesday. Hold Security discovered a huge database of information stolen and compromised by a group of Russian internet hackers.

A Cyber Security expert told 22News just because your computer hasn’t been hacked, doesn’t mean you’re safe. “That’s why it’s still best for the user to use their own judgment and take a bit of extra precaution on their own,” said Larry Snyder.

A Holyoke Community College student got creative with his new password. According to Sakeion Sinn, “Dictionary words, that’s horrible, horrible, to do to your passwords. I make it so hard that nobody could ever guess my password.”

Experts say when possible, use websites that offer two process verification. When you enter a password you’ll receive a text message on your mobile device with a code you have to enter before changing anything on your account.

Snyder recommends a different password for each website, with the strongest passwords for sites with the most personal information. “Uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols are still the best, a little bit longer, nine or ten digits.”

There’s no way to know for sure if your information’s been stolen. The Russian hackers haven’t sold any stolen information yet, they are spamming social media with unwanted ads.

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