Corn thieves pick two local farms clean of crop

One of the farms struck by thieves. (WTNH/AJ Walker)

BRISTOL, Conn. (WTNH) — Thieves ripped off a Bristol and a Wethersfield farm, stealing hundreds of dollars’ worth of corn.

Whit Betts said staff at Green Acres Farm in Bristol went to pick corn to sell at a market on Sunday afternoon and were shocked at what they discovered had happened in the cornfield. “They started looking to get the ears of corn and there was nothing there,” said Betts, sales manager of Green Acres Farm. “I mean absolutely no ears at all.”

He says someone crept through the corn stalks, stealing his family farm’s prized possession in the middle of the night. “There were no witnesses. There were no reports. We have absolutely no idea why or who would do this,” said Betts.

He estimates the corn thieves took about 200 dozen ears of corn, with a value of about $1200. He adds that the thieves only left behind underdeveloped ones that were much too small to sell, and he doesn’t think it was a one-man job.

“We think it was done by somebody who has the ability to pick corn,” said Betts. “It was picked clean. It was done at night. It was a lot of corn. I don’t think the average person would be able to come through here.”

In Wethersfield, police report another farm was hit in the same manner on July 31. They said about 153 ears of corn were stolen from Anderson Farm Field on Elm street. However, officers caught those alleged thieves red-handed. They said it was a father and son duo, Efrain and Carlos Pacheco.

Police haven’t said if the corn thefts are connected, but Betts wonders if they are. He is hoping Bristol police will catch the thieves soon.

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